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Skate Canada Brighton Board

Who we are.

Our skate club board is a group of volunteers who oversee and manage our skate club. The board consists of skating enthusiasts, parents, and community members committed to promoting and supporting skating in their community.

The primary responsibilities of our skate club board include:

  1. Organizing skating events: The board is responsible for organizing skating events, such as competitions, shows, and exhibitions, coordinating with coaches and officials to ensure that the events run smoothly.

  2. Managing finances: The board is responsible for managing the organization's finances, including budgeting, fundraising, and keeping accurate financial records.

  3. Recruiting and training volunteers: The board is responsible for recruiting and training volunteers, such as coaches, judges, and event staff, to ensure that skating events are well-staffed and run efficiently.

  4. Developing skating programs: The board is responsible for developing skating programs that meet the needs of the community, such as learn-to-skate programs, competitive skating programs, and recreational skating programs.

  5. Promoting skating: The board is responsible for promoting skating in the community, through marketing, outreach, and public relations activities.

Meet The Team


Rebecca Jerrard


Bio to follow

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Amanda Whalen

Vice President, Ice Show Chair

Bio to follow

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Tiffeny Dyck


Bio to follow


Alex Romard

Board Member, Test Chair

I grew up in Brighton and moved back with my wife 6 years ago. We have a daughter who has been skating with Skate Canada for 2 years and loves it. I enjoy running, cheering on Liverpool, and spending time with my family. 

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Tammie Lennan

Board Member, Costume Chair

Bio to follow

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Laura Black

Board Member

I am a Quinte West mom with one child skating with our Brighton club.  I grew up involved in Skate Canada and spent my senior skating years doing both figure skating and synchronized skating.  I work in customer support.

Board Portal

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